Trinity Lutheran Church McAlester

Eagle Hill Disk Golf Course

Course History

Picture of the scouts that built Eagle Hill Disk Golf Course.

Eagle Hill Disk Golf course is an 18 hole disk golf course that covers most of the Church’s 26 acre property and is an ongoing community outreach project for the church. The course was initially designed  by Joshua Meyer as a 9 hole course for his Eagle Scout project. Shortly thereafter a disk golf club was formed. The club has continually  maintained the course and also expanded the course to a full 18 holes with concrete tee pads, multiple pin locations and tee signs. The Course is open to the public 7 days a week. The first hole is at the bottom of the hill West of His Place Community Center. Please remember to throw away all of your trash and be mindful of the environment and other players.

Eagle Hill Disk Golf Club

The Eagle Hill Disk Golf Club was formed shortly after the course was built by local disk golf enthusiasts and the pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church. The club has grown significantly over the years and has completed numerous improvements to the course including: purchasing new baskets, redesigning the course, adding concrete tee pads, new tee signs and adding numerous benches, tables and clearing brush. In addition to maintenance of the course the club also hosts weekly mini tournaments on Saturday and holds larger tournaments throughout the year. If you would like more information please contact the Pastor or one of the Club board members listed below.

Eagle Hill Disk Golf Club Board

President: Bradley Grizzle

Vice President: Justin Blasengame

Treasurer: Glenn Meyer

McAlester Community Disk Golf Facebook Page

The McAlester Community Disk Golf Facebook page is the go to source for all information regarding disk golf in McAlester including Tournaments and Mini’s. The community will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the sport or thelocation of the disk golf courses in the area.